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About Joel Chorny

Standing Up for You and Your Rights

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I went to law school because I wanted to fight for people. After law school, that is exactly what I have been doing. In order to provide the exceptional service I strive for, I make sure to take on a limited number of clients so that none of them ever feel like they are just one of many of my clients. Also, I am the only attorney working in my office, so when you hire me to work with you on your case, you know I am the one you will be working with.  I make sure that the few clients I do take on receive the absolute best representation, attention, and care for their interests. 

I have been zealously defending my clients in criminal court since 2011. I graduated from the George Washington University Law School as a Thurgood Marshall Scholar and came to Tucson to start my career and family. I have not looked back since. My favorite part of representing clients in criminal court is giving them a strong voice against a government intent on stripping them of their liberties. I have had the privilege of trying cases ranging from DUI to first-degree murder and I teach trial skills at the University of Arizona School of Law. Let me put my skills to your defense! 

Let me be your lawyer

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