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Clean Up YOUR Criminal Record


As of January 2023, it is finally possible to seal the records of a criminal matter in Arizona so that entities outside of the government are unable to see information about the criminal matter. For cases that are eligible for this kind of relief, this effectively "removes" the criminal matter from the person's past. A person can get the records of their criminal matter sealed if the case was dismissed before conviction or even after conviction. 

If you have a prior criminal matter that you would like to have sealed in your record, give us a call so that we can help you accomplish that. 

Set Aside

Prior to January of 2023, the only kind of relief that existed for people who had been convicted of a crime in Arizona and "paid their debt" to society was a set aside of the conviction. Setting aside a conviction does not remove it or obscure it from the person's criminal record. What it does do is "add an asterisk" to the record that indicates the conviction was set aside. Even though the sealing of criminal records now is available in Arizona, it is not available to everyone. If you are unable to get the records sealed, either because it is too soon or because your offense does not qualify, you may still qualify for a set aside. Call us so that we can help you get that done. 

Rights Restoration

Criminal convictions have an impact that goes beyond the actual sentence imposed by the Court. A person convicted of a crime may lose their right to vote, right to possess firearms, right to serve on a jury, and others. Fortunately, Arizona is a state that does allow for the restoration of a convicted person's civil rights. If you are looking to restore your civil rights, give us a call so that we can help yo make it happen. 

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