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Protecting Civil Liberties: A Guide for Parents

Understanding and protecting our civil liberties is a cornerstone of a thriving democracy, particularly in a diverse and dynamic city like Tucson. These fundamental principles are what empower us against the tide of government overreach and the myths that can lead to a passive society. As a criminal defense attorney and advocate for justice in Tucson, I see the profound impact of educating our youth on their rights.


Begin with Basics – And More


The rights enshrined in our Constitution — like freedom of speech, the right to privacy, and the right to a fair trial — are not just national principles; they are deeply relevant in our Arizona community. By using simple, relatable examples, we can help our children understand these liberties and their local significance.


Use Current Events as Teachable Moments


The presumption of innocence is a concept that resonates deeply within our legal framework and is frequently reflected in the news, including stories within our own region. By explaining that everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty — much like how a game starts with a clean slate — we can foster a sense of fairness and justice from a young age.


Encourage Active Participation – And Its Value


Encouraging children to take part in Tucson's civic life, whether through volunteering or attending city council meetings, can be incredibly enriching. Their involvement not only teaches them about their own rights but also about their role in a democratic society.


Highlight the Importance of Respect and Empathy – Through Varied Scenarios


Teaching scenarios that involve asserting one's rights, like the right to refuse a search without probable cause, can help instill a respect for personal boundaries and the law. Such discussions are particularly poignant in the context of our local community where these interactions may take place.


Lead by Example


In Tucson, where community values run strong, we can lead by example. Our commitment to civil liberties, demonstrated through community engagement and advocacy, offers a powerful lesson to our children about the role of an active citizen.




The journey to raising well-informed, empathetic, and responsible citizens begins with civil liberties education. It's crucial to foster these discussions early, using examples they encounter and encouraging them to participate actively in our community.


If you're seeking a seasoned lecturer on civil liberties or require a tenacious criminal defense attorney to navigate the complexities of the legal system, Joel Chorny is at your service. Reach out today to arrange an empowering session or a comprehensive consultation to protect and assert your legal rights with the expertise of a committed advocate.




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