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What I Will Do for You

It is extremely important that you hire a lawyer you trust as early in the case as possible. Criminal prosecutions change quickly and you need your lawyer to work against the government's efforts as soon as possible. I am that lawyer. I will review the government's evidence with a keen eye and leave no stone unturned to gather the evidence of your innocence the government would be all too happy to leave undiscovered.  

Practice Areas


If the government is accusing you of taking someone's life, you can count on the government pulling out all the stops to convict you. You need a lawyer who understands how homicide investigations work and how to defend against the government's vast resources

Domestic Violence Charges

It is practically impossible to know what happens behind closed doors in a home. That however does not stop the government from picking sides. You need a lawyer who is on your side and who will show that there is a lot more to any situation than what the alleged victim says. 

DUI & Traffic Offenses

Everyone who drives a motor vehicle is at risk of being accused of a crime whether they set out to hurt someone or not. The government does not distinguish DUI and traffic defendants from any other type of defendant. However, DUIs and Traffic offenses are actually very different and you should have a lawyer who understands these differences and knows how to defend these special cases. 

Assault and Battery Charges

When the government is accusing you of injuring or causing someone else to fear for their safety, you need a lawyer who can make sure your side is heard at least as clearly as the alleged victim's.  

Drug Charges

Whether you are being accused of selling, transporting, producing, or merely possessing illegal drugs, such accusations can carry life-changing consequences. You deserve a lawyer who will fight to protect you from them. 

Weapons Offenses

Even though Arizona has a reputation for being a very gun-friendly state, its criminal statutes around guns are some of the harshest in the country. Whether you are accused of possessing or using a gun illegally, you need a lawyer who will defend your constitutional right to possess firearms as vigorously as your right to Due Process. 

Theft and Burglary Charges

Being accused of taking the property of someone else is serious. If the government is trying to label you as a thief, you need a lawyer who will defend you against such heavy accusations. 

Sex Offenses

"Sex offenses" covers a wide range of crimes that vary depending on who the alleged victim is and what the alleged conduct was. The accused's liberty is at stake as well as their very reputation. These are complicated cases that involve both state of the art forensic science and witness control. You deserve a lawyer who can defend every aspect of these cases. 


Just because you are charged with a misdemeanor instead of a felony does not mean you can afford to not hire a lawyer who will defend you as strongly as if you were charged with a felony. Misdemeanors can completely derail the course of your life and you deserve to have a lawyer in your corner who will fight when the government chooses to train its sights on you. 

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