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Real Criminal Defense Results 

Not Guilty: First Degree Murder

I defended a young veteran who had to shoot his brother in order to stop his brother from beating him, possibly to death. Although my client called 911 and told the police everything that happened, he was still arrested and charged with First Degree Murder. The state never wanted to acknowledge that my client acted in self-defense, so we took the case to trial and won. My client got to go home that night an innocent man. 

DUI Case Dismissed After Proving Cop Lied

Someone called 911 to report a drunk driver in a car registered to my client. The police went to my client's home and saw a car matching the description parked in the garage. The police went into the garage without a warrant, in violation of my client's Fourth Amendment Rights. The police got evidence that my client was under the influence of alcohol and arrested him for DUI. At a hearing to throw out the evidence based on the Fourth Amendment violation, the police officer lied and claimed she went into the garage because she feared for my client's well-being. The Court believed her and denied our motion. I could not let this injustice stand, so I provided additional evidence and proved it was impossible for the cop to see my client in the car before he illegally entered the garage. The Court reconsidered and ordered all of the evidence suppressed. Case dismissed. 

Not Guilty: Hit and Run

My client was driving home late at night when he suddenly heard a thud on the hood of his car. He stopped to see what he hit and saw nothing. He went to the gas station by his home and saw there was blood on the hood of his car. He figured he hit an animal and called his insurance to schedule repairs. Unfortunately, he had hit a pedestrian who was crossing the road where there was no crosswalk or signal. the police charged him with intentionally leaving the scene of a lethal accident. We took that case to trial and the jury acquitted him based on the fact that he could not have known he hit a person. 

Child Molestation Accusation Against Hard-Working and Law-Abiding Client Dismissed Before Trial

My client had never been in trouble with the law in his life. One afternoon he came home from work to find out that a granddaughter had falsely accused him of molesting her. Even though the little girl's story was internally inconsistent and there were plenty of people willing to speak to my client's good character, the state charged him with a dangerous crime against children anyway. After a lot of investigating and pushing the state to produce evidence we knew it did not want to produce, the state relented and dismissed the case against my client and he got to finish the process of naturalizing as a U.S. citizen. 

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