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I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience using The Law Office Of Joel Chorny. Joel listened to me and made me feel like I truly mattered instead of just looking for a paycheck. Very well-spoken and was able to break things down for me when I didn’t understand. Never had any issues contacting him or his office and if I couldn’t get through I was always responded to or called back the same day. I highly recommend this firm. Overall experience is 5/5


This man saved my life in more ways than one! I was a client that was looking at many years in prison for my crime. Joel really listened to what I had to say and because of that, he was able to dig into my case fully. My final sentence was 3 years probation with no jail time! During our time working together, he saw I was not doing well emotionally and I was very close to a jumping-off point. He made sure he got me in contact with someone I could talk to. He really cared about me as a person and did not look at me as just a criminal. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney that will truly fight for them! Thank you, Joel!


I can’t say anything but good things about Mr. Chorny and his firm. When I first hired him I had no hope and was completely lost. He made sure that I felt appreciated and that my problems actually mattered. He has a very solid structure as to how he breaks down everything. He never once made me feel inferior or “dumb” for asking any questions and actually encouraged me to do so at any time should I not understand what he was explaining or certain things going on with my case. I also never had any issues getting through to him or his associates through phone or email and was always responded to promptly. His website portal made everything simple and easy to navigate and also made uploading any documents very easy. I highly recommend The Law Office Of Joel Chorny!


Joel treated me and my family as people and seemed very concerned about our situation and was not just in it for the money but to truly help us which was very important too. I would recommend Joel for any matter that you have concerns with as he truly cares about the person and what they are going through.


I panicked when I was falsely accused of sexual assault, and I called several criminal defense attorneys. It's obvious why two of them recommended Joel right away. He took the time on our consultation call to sketch out a robust strategy for my defense, covering both particulars and general principles. This approach reflects his own strategy of focusing maximum attention on each client rather than churning them out to maximize profit. Joel is also very personable and easy to get along with. He was always available by phone and text when I had questions. I never doubted that he cared about my case and took it seriously from the get-go.


I would absolutely recommend Joel Chorny to any family member, friend, or co-worker. He is extremely professional, hardworking and caring. He explains things as you go through the legal process and is very responsive to questions and keeps you updated in a timely manner to everything going on with your case. Mr. Chorny is very firm in court and you can tell he is very respected by his fellow attorneys as well as the judges. I would 100% use Mr. Chorny in the future if I am ever in need of legal services.


This guy is the best. He’s knowledgeable and tenacious. He will get you the best possible outcome and result possible. He works tirelessly for all his clients, even his court-appointed clients, who were lucky enough to have him.


Joel Chorny took the time to walk us through a recent stressful legal issue. With thoughtful consideration of my case, his answers were honest and knowledgeable. My family is beyond grateful for Joel's wisdom and Expert Legal Advice. Highly Recommended.


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